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No matter how advanced the world may become, it still can't surpass the inevitable power of karma

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Jan 24, 2019


The Exposure Times...

Illustrative Photo of Cast
Being from Heaven
Based on diverse religion, myth, and lore, the earth consists of forces seen and unseen. The earth is shared by man and other mystical elements. These forces are conceived from the cast beings that were once Divine messengers of God.

The earth was supposed to possess one spirit, which is that of the Almighty God.

A conspirator from Heaven (Lucifer and his cohorts) established strange forces that are roaming the earth. Revelation, chapter 12 of the Bible reveals it all. It is believed that those fallen angels, were once Divine beings known as Archangels; on casting to earth, they were regarded as Arch-demons, their places in heaven were replaced and their names which portrayed the importance of the Angelic connection with the Divine (God) were also changed. The Arch-demons now rules the Earth realm as Evil, principalities and powers.

Looking closely between the Divine Being and the Arch-demons; it is claimed that there is a spiritual conflict, unseen, and with heavenly Holy angels of God combating the Arch-demons.
Illustrative Photo of Cast Beings from
Heaven (Lucifer and his Cohorts)

Based on ancient Tablets, Scrolls and Manuscripts; Dark forces took over the Earth before the first destruction of man which gave rise to the second creation of man (Adam). These teachings and believes are kept secret and are only reviewed to the curious minded and seekers of knowledge. Hence, lessons of these kinds are regarded mystical and are withheld from sights (underdeveloped minds).

The fallen angels (Arch-demons) transformed themselves into deities, mermaids, gods, and other demonic forces in their realm, concealing the earth according to their specific abilities (powers). 

As Lucifer (Satan) who is the leader of the Arch-demons released his cohort into the corners of the earth; beneath the crust, in the waters, on land and in space. These forces have manipulated the earth and inflicted man with its attitude and character, making man defy its creator and to face the punishment of everlasting torments. As it is the intents of the Arch-demons.

The Arch-demons lures man mostly by materialist things. They have indirectly cursed man by administering devilish blessings to its seekers according to their wants and needs in exchange for their soul to increase their followers in preparation towards the last days to wage war against the Divine being (God).

Dark forces have manipulated man into focusing on Politics, Transpose Religion, Science and Technology, Atheism, The Black Cube of Saturn (the physical and material world), Ancient Egyptian God of Evil (darkness, chaos, war and conflict), UFO as a threat to man, Slavery, Mark of the beast (smart dust delivered through vaccines), Carnivals and Street parties, Hollywood and sorts.

Lucifer the leader of the Dark forces, have given his cohorts the power to establish different orders and societies to capture the minds and souls of man. These orders are known organizations; Illuminati, worship of Lucifer, Freemasonry (The Knights Templar), Saturnist, Shrines, Traditional norms and other occult groups.

Most Common Places to find Archdemons - Forest
To keep the fraternities/ Occult groups/ Secret Societies blazing, Lucifer invokes the souls of his loyalist among men to impede the resurrection of Christ and His Saint on the basis of reincarnation of the body of Christ and His servants. Lucifer placed these loyalists as Ascended Masters in a spiritual hierarchy to distinguish them in their different occult orders.

Arch-demons true forms are encountered mostly in caves, mountains, waters, forests, cemeteries, abandoned residents, etc.

It was by the word of God that the universe was created, also these words and other spoken words of God guides as principles to nature and are the forces sustaining karma.

Most Common Places to find Archdemons - Cemeteries
Another force rebelling against the dark forces is the ‘Karma’, a supernatural power guiding the creation of God. The karmic pattern coordinates man towards its activities and possible rewards.

Some schools of thought also teaches that there is a force that affects the karmic balance of the Earth in favor of mankind. These forces are known to be “Ascended Masters”. The ascended masters are effectively immortal and are in “Spiritual Hierarchies”. They have colossal and clairvoyant powers; they cannot be burnt by flame and could reshape the mountain using the power of thought. Their greatest attributes is their sense of wisdom and compassion.

Most Common Places to find Archdemons - Waters
They ascended masters support man through spiritual teachings, either through direct contact or some sort of medium the belief will suit such person. They only contact advance people, and their reasons for such remains between their circuits.

On affecting karmic balance, the ascended masters believe man could last on earth about three and a half days without them, because the negative karmic forces will quickly befall mankind in their absence.

The ascended masters based on the Christian Esotericism are the Archangels.

These forces are only but ‘Divine’. Within the scope of the esoteric tradition, there are many different Archangels and the four most important of these are Micha-el, Rapha-el, Uri-el, and Gabri-el. The ‘el’ indicates their Divine Existence.

Micha-el (MEE-ka-el) which means ‘Who is as God’, is also known as the ‘Lord of the Cosmic Intelligence’ and the ‘Countenance of Christ’. He is the most advanced of the Archangels, who is in direct resonance with the sun forces of the Christ being.

Rapha-el (RA-FA-El) which means ‘The Healing Power of God’.

The Archangels (Ascended Masters)
Gabri-el (GAH-Bree-EL) which means ‘the Strong One of God’ or ‘the Hero of God’. He deals mainly as the Archangel of Birth and the moon forces in general. (He announced to Mary that she would bear Jesus).

Uri-el (Oo-ra-el or OO-ree-el), which means ‘Sun of God’. Uri-el is often associated with a silvery-white radiance and is the most mysterious of the four Archangels.

These four Divine forces are not metaphors. They are powerful living beings, who strongly affect the Earth. They are numerous Angels and Archangels, but these four are the most influential and rulers of the cosmic realm. They operate through man’s subconscious state; below their conscious of awareness based on the fact stated earlier (most men have not developed spiritually to clearly perceive these immaterial beings and their activities).

They are also known as the ‘Four-Fold Group’ and are mentioned in text as the ‘Sibylline Oracles’ which means (the servant of eternal God), also the Ethiopian text ‘Epistula Apostolorum)’ were the risen Christ notes that ‘they (Archangels) accompanied him in the spiritual world’.

These forces are known as the ‘Four Cardinals’. These forces have a particular relationship regarding their place in the cycle of season. When each of them is in the season of its rulership, the take the role of the ‘cosmic spirit’; they affect nature and the cosmos with their activity from above. As their season ends, they begin to descent culminating in the season opposite to their rulership when they permeate humanity with their activities.

The different seasons have its ruling Archangel;

During spring (March, April, and May) - the Easter period, Archangel Rapha-el radiates from above with healing forces in the cosmos, Archangel Micha-el below permeates human activities (will and movement).

In summer (June, July, August) – Archangel Uri-el takes over from above, Archangel Gabri-el below permeates humanity with formative forces of nourishment.

During autumn (fall) – (September, October and November) Archangel Micha-el controls the season from above. He uses his sword to cleanse the Earth’s astral forces to prepare the Holy Night, as according to Revelation 12, this is the battle with the dragon with a maiden threatened in the background’. Archangel Raph-el below permeates human breathing (all healing has an original connection to breathe).

And winter (Christmas) – (December, January and February) Archangel Gabri-el radiates from above with mild, loving and nurturing nature. Archangel Uri-el below permeates human thinking.

Therefore, each Archangel has a spiritual importance to man as Archangel Gabri-el permeates the cosmic forces of nutrition and nourishment to humans; in mid-summer they nutritional forces are handed over to Archangel Rapha-el in autumn as he penetrates into human through breathing, and these nutritional forces alchemically combine with the breathing process to become forces of healing. Archangel Uri-el in the winter penetrates humanity; the breathing forces rises into the human head where the healing forces transforms into the spiritual forces of thinking and sensory perception. Archangel Micha-el receives these forces (spiritual forces of thinking and sensory perception) from Uri-el through the power of cosmic, transmuting thinking forces into forces of movement.
To human life, the forces as discussed in this article affect man based on the level of their spirituality. These forces have permeates mankind characteristically and attitudinally which has practically infuse us with different behaviors. Sometimes we tend to find a pagan trying to understand the other religious practices; automatically this is a clear indication of a confrontation in the astral. Some have similar motives but from a different race, and with no shared beliefs. These forces in either ways transmute signals to man, depending on the nature of the force and level of spirituality of the person. 

Oct 15, 2018


The Exposure Times...

According to research, the mind is more than just the brain. 

What if I say “the mind is like a bright light in a dark room”? Lest we never knew, for every experience the mind captures the event and prepares itself towards similar cases in the future. As the light extends its radiant to overwhelm the dark, similarly does the mind grows beyond its level of understanding.

Hence, the mind is a bright light that collects, constructs and determines judgements for an individual, and the room represent the individual.

Now if the mind is a bright light, what happens when the light goes off in the room?
To go about this, be candid with yourself by disjoining any picture, word or events from your mind. Pick a pen or pencil and a drawing sheet immediately and start drawing without having a clue or imagination of what to draw. If you did the exercise as instructed, then you will find out that it took you a while to figure out what to draw. While trying to unravel what to draw, the light goes off from the room leaving it dark and innocent. At this moment you remain blank, incorrupt, innocent and sincere.

Sep 25, 2018


The exposure Times...

What is life to you?
What are your purpose in life?
Is there any point to man’s existence?

It seems more like a short life when you look back at your past,and suddenly have this feeling of 

reversing time to make out necessary corrections (because you have failed to identify your purpose in life, likewise attaining them). After which, you meet your end confusingly, and then again, find yourself in an astral-realm (beyond the physical), then again you return as a baby to an unfamiliar environment.

Nov 8, 2017


The exposure times...


The fundamentals of this article is based extremely on the creation of man, with reference to various disciplines.

The article explains the faith of Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Scientific view on the creation of man, and discriminate none.

How did man come into existence?

Many beliefs have held on to knowing the existence of man, some groups have attested to the notion that man was created by a supernatural being - God, as tagged by the Christians to whom the belief is the creator, so as other religions with their preferred name tagged to the same creator.

The divine being as believed by some disciplines, created the universe and all that is in it and his most adorable creation as told, is man whom he created from dust. 

Do u agree to these? Let see.